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15 interesting facts about dogs

15 interesting facts about dogs


Dogs in general have some fascinating capabilities that might surprise you. From the extraordinary power of sniffing to paw sweating.
Check out these 15 interesting facts about dogs and test your knowledge.
  1. Dogs generally have a sense of time, they differentiate between an hour and five. In fact, they can foresee future events, for instance a regular walk time.
  2. According to some studies, your dog can actually get jealous when he sees that you give attention to another pet.
  3. The highest pet dog population in the world is located in the United States, with around 75,8 million. While France has the second highest dog population.
  4. Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds that appears in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 2100 B.C.


  1. Approximately half of the United States presidents have owned dogs.
  2. The most popular breed in the US for the last 26 years are the Labradors.


  1. Dogs have an amazing ability of smelling your feelings and reading your emotions. In fact, your dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than yours. Therefore, they can smell things, like fear, joy, anger, and even can detect one rotten apple in two million barrels.
  2. Dogs possess wet noses that help them to soak up scent chemicals.
  3. In general, when dogs sleep they curl up in a ball in order to keep themselves warm and to safeguard their essential organs while they are sleeping.
  4. Dogs can be coached to detect cancer and certain health problems. In fact, dogs can smell different metabolic waste products of a sick human, simply by smelling someone’s breathe. In addition, they can assist people with mental disorders, or provide support to the physically, visually, or hearing impaired.
  5. Animal behaviorists have reported that dogs do not feel guilt. For instance, when you catch your dog doing something bad, he shows certain guilty expressions as head lowered, ears back, eyes cheerless,..., but, as a matter of fact, they aren’t capable of feeling guilt.
  6. The majority of dogs sweat through their paws when they feel overheated. So in order to cool down their bodies they use the panting, that permits moisture to evaporate from the tongue and the surface of the lungs.
  7. Dogs are not colorblind. In fact, they can see in color, but not as vividly as humans can. This low-light vision is due to their special light-reflecting layer behind their retinas.
  8. Physically, a one-year-old dog is like a grown up 15-year-old human.
  9. Adult dogs have approximately 42 teeth, as for puppies, they have 28 baby teeth only. While adult humans have 32 teeth and human babies have only. 
That is all! Let us know in the comments section if we miss any random dog facts you know.

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