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Things you should know about dog bandanas

Things you should know about dog bandanas
Having dresses is not only reserved for humans, dogs also have moods and personalities. A simple outfit will not be complete without a dog bandana, which can convey a feeling or enhance physical appearance. In this article, I will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about a dog bandana.


Why a dog bandana

Purchasing a dog bandana is a crucial matter, besides the charming side that comes with wearing it, there are a lot of other reasons:
  • Showing the dog’s personality: whether your dog is confident, timid, independent, happy or even adaptable, the bandana will have a significant goal in revealing the dog’s personality, as a result, improving interactions with strangers. You can also match the bandana dog with its fur or the outfit or even eye color. So to enhance its prettiness and make hostile dogs more approachable.
  • For cooling effect: dog bandanas have an important role in cooling a dog's neck, so they can move around easily any season of the year.
  • An outfit for particular occasions: there is a wide selection of dog bandanas that can be worn during special occasions, for instance family gathering, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving …
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Things to envisage when purchasing a dog bandana

There is a wide choice of dog bandanas in the market, but there are some important elements that you must take into consideration while buying it.

  1. The size

There are different sizes of dog bandanas from large, medium to small. First, consider knowing the dog's neck size. Also, take a larger size bndana in order to enable plenty of excess to tie the bandana to the dog’s neck. If you note that, the dog bandana is too big you can roll it to fit and adjust the size.

  1. The wash ability

As you know, dogs move around a lot, and play with different things and materials, so there is a large chance for dog neckerchiefs to get dirty. It is recommended then to buy dog bandana with material that can be easily cleaned and dried employing a washing machine.

  1. The style

In general, a double-sided dog bandana is the adequate choice for your dog. The association of designs, color, shapes and graphics on every side will get you the possibility to choose each time your preferred taste.

  1. Cooling effect

It is essential to purchase a dog neckerchief or a bandana to dogs with short fur, so to avoid sunburns and cool the dog’s body.

  1. The material

It is true that dog bandanas do not have to be durable, considering that it is a stylish accessory that may be worn on particular occasions and not generally a functional everyday collar. However, you will not want to buy a cheap dog bandana made from paper-thin materials. In fact, investing a modest amount of money in a certain dog bandana made from quality materials definitely pay off.

Sizes of dog bandana

There are three principal sizes of dog bandanas: small, medium and large.
  • Small: with length (45 cm/ 18”) and drop (18cm/ 7”). For the maximum collar size, it is 26.5 cm/ 10,5” in order to allow the bandana to be tied. This size is for tiny breeds as Chihuahua dog breeds.
  • Medium: with length (52cm/ 20") and drop (26cm/ 10"). For the maximum collar size, it is 36cm/ 14” in order to allow the bandana to be tied. This size is for small to medium dogs, for example yorkies, small westies, small pugs,…
  • Large: with length (74cm/ 29") and drop (37cm/ 15"). For the maximum collar size, it is 53.5 cm/ 21” in order to allow the bandana to be tied. This size is for medium to large dogs, as german shepherd, staffie,...
Besides, there are certain adjustable bandanas that can be put regardless of the dog size.


Types of bandanas

There are plenty of different types of dog bandanas with various features and a range of different materials.
  • Personalized dog bandanas

This type is branded with the dog’s name, or the attended event or occasion (birthday, Halloween, Christmas,...), or simply something that exposes one of its traits. These way strangers can interact with the dog and easily call its name, which can help aggressive dogs to be friendlier. The specificity of this type is that it can be changed according to the dog’s personality.                
  • Patterned bandanas

You can give a splendid appearance for your dog by creating various patterns with different designs and colors.

Patterned dog bandanas



It is true that the value of dog bandanas cannot be unrated, no matter the breed, age, or disposition of your pup, dogs. Besides giving a special charm, dog bandanas expose the personality, avoid sunburns and refresh the dog’s body temperature.


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