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How to take care of your dog

How to take care of your dog

Among your preoccupation is taking care of a dog, but how exactly can you do it? Whether it is your first dog or not, we have compiled for you some good reminders on what to do when it comes to looking after a dog.

  • Educate your dog appropriate behaviors rather than punishing him

  • Generally, dogs are labeled as stubborn, hyperactive and out of control and it is necessary to punish them in order to teach them good manners. This is one of the worst actions that a person can do for his dog. In fact, in order to avoid unwanted behaviors ( for instance : jumping on people or furniture, mouthing you, barking, pulling on the leash,...) dogs need training and exercising to teach him what you want exactly and to set a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect. 
    The earlier your dog is accustomed to do his needs outdoors and on a specific schedule, the better for you. It is important also to know the suitable way to discipline your dog in a humanitarian way when he misbehaves.

  • Grooming and bathing

  • It is your responsibility to give a proper grooming and bath to your dog, since dogs usually get messy and they aren’t always clean.You will also need to take care of his nails, teeth, eyes and ears. From time to time you will even need to seek the aid of a professional groomer.

  • Proper nutrition

  • It is crucial to choose carefully a healthy and balanced diet for your dog. Do some research into food companies in order to give your dog high-quality products that are nutritionally complete and balanced. There are many companies that provide free simple so you can give it a try instead of purchasing a whole bag. Others propose a money-back guarantee in case your dog doesn’t like the product. You can always discuss the possibility of a homemade diet with your veterinarian in order to ensure that you are respecting all your dog’s nutritional needs. Don’t forget to give him water to keep him healthy. Besides, try to give him access to plenty of fresh, clean water to drink.

  • A dedicated space 

  • Consider having an area in the house dedicated for your dog as his own space. For example a kennel, a crate, or a bed, where your dog shelters for some down time when things are unstable. Fix certain rules, impose off-limit areas of the house, and welcome him into allowed areas.

  • Annual veterinary checkup and blood tests

  • Your dog needs an annual wellness exam, even if his core vaccines are good for three years. An early detection of illness signifies that treatment can be started earlier, as a result, ameliorating your dog’s chance of a better effect.

  • Don’t let your dog in a tether or a chain

  • While you are keeping your dog on a tether on a chain you are then restricting them to move around freedomly. This behaviour may jeopardize the well being of your dog and  ability to properly socialize with humans and animals.

  • Socialization

  • In general, dogs are social creatures and they like to play with other dogs. Make sure that you take your dog out everyday, in example at a park and then teach him how to play nicely with other dogs. This is beneficial for the well-being of your dog as well as you take your dog out without fear of them acting up strangely.

  • Choose the right dog clothes 

  • Clothing for dogs is essential for his comfort and well-being regardless of the seasonality and the occasion. You should take into consideration certain factors : the atmospheric conditions, your dog’s activity level, his temperament, age and length of his hair. Besides, during your shopping don’t focus on the looks alone, but there are some elements that you should consider as the fabric of clothes, the dimension and sizing, color and design, strips and zippers,...

    Keep in mind that dogs also have emotions and have specific needs in terms of our guidance to help them deal with life easily in our human-dominated world.

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