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The benefits of adopting a dog

The benefits of adopting a dog
Owning a pet has many health benefits. In fact, they can augment chances to exercise, get outside, and socialize. Besides, constant walking or playing with pets can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. Pets can also help manage loneliness and depression by giving you the right companionship. In this article, I will explain to you the amazing benefit of owning a dog, that you probably don’t know.

Enhance heart health

Many studies, for instance, researchers at the University of Harvard in Cambridge have proved that having a four-legged friend can decrease blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and lower triglyceride levels, which help to ameliorate cardiovascular health and fewer heart attacks. 

Maintain your activity and fitness 

Dog owners benefit from daily walking with their dogs, it’s an activity that helps them to remain mobile, especially older adults. According to some studies, these owners have experienced less doctor visits, less body mass index, lower activities of daily living limitations, as more recurrent and energetic exercises.

Ameliorate your social life

Along with age, it seems harder to get out and make acquaintances. Researchers have found that 40% succeed to make friends more easily, probably because a large number speaks with other dog owners during walks. 

Keep you healthy by the dog’s sense of smell

Dogs have shown a great ability of detecting prostate cancer, they just need to be trained in this matter. Besides, they can help you to avoid foods you’re allergic to, as well as to alert diabetics to a low blood sugar level.

Decrease stress

People suffering from stress can spend just a few minutes with a pet so they can decrease anxiety and blood pressure, and rise levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are considered as two neurochemicals that play big roles in calmness and human well-being.

Add meaning and purpose

As we become older, particularly after retirement, it may be hard to find back structure, routine to your day and meaning in life. This is what dogs take care of. They somehow help people to continue to do things. Dogs are actually your best friend in sickness and in health. Nevertheless, they are considered as actually valued companions, known for their loyalty and apparently persistent to put a big smile on their owners’ faces.

Reduce the risk of eczema

Researchers have shown that children who are exposed to dogs have less risk to develop eczema by age 4 if they begin mingling with dogs at a very young age.

Despite the fact that dogs are marvelous companions, they are not only a path to a healthier end. Owning a dog is an engagement that may last for many years, as a result, you have to be ready and available to take the responsibility. This amazing relationship will certainly recompense you with one of the most faithful, affectionate, and active pet you will ever experience

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